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Welcome to the Pegasus Galaxy! This is mostly a Stargate blog. But you will also see Sherlock BBC, NCIS, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Superwholock, Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory...just to name a few. Oh, yeah, there's Benedict Cumberbatch too!My ships: Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala, John/Teyla, Sherlock/Molly, Sheldon/Amy, Emma/Hook.While I grew up with Star Trek, Stargate, and Star Wars, my little sci-fi heart belongs to Stargate. Hence, the reason for this blog.

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Gatelock - Night Terrors: (part 1)

After Sherlock allowed to leave the infirmary he wants to avoid talking about the incidance. However, this can only work for so long, and the team finally learns who was responsible.

But is there a way to safe Elizabeth?




this last episode of season 4 is horrible and i want it to go away

The most depressing episode ever.

To be honest, I think of it as SGA’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ episode. No, seriously…

Oh. I don’t like It’s a Wonderful Life. :-/

I had a dream last night that I got go on a mission with SG-1.


“‘Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen.’ Alone I did it. Behold the fruit of pensive nights and laborious days, when I watched the little working gangs as once I watched the criminal world of London.”

Sherlock in a bear beeskin hat from The Sign of Three;

drawn on PS CS6 | x | x |

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this last episode of season 4 is horrible and i want it to go away

The most depressing episode ever.

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…You were going to kill yourself anyway, so what do you have to lose at that point? You can just start over…

Something one of my coworkers actually said today. They were discussing suicide, and how ‘those people’ should just try to change some/all aspects of their life, as if being depressed is only tied to circumstantial things in your life.

I was so upset, because they wouldn’t listen to a word I had to say when arguing the case that it isn’t that simple…that being depressed means you know you could have everything going for you, but if you still can’t physically get up in the morning, no amount of happy feeling in the world will change your personal view on things. 

I was not only ignored, but was told that just doesn’t make any sense. 

I think I heard the opening statement of, 'yea, but…' about ten times, before I finally got up and left the room. Nobody noticed, nobody wanted to notice how upset it made me.

These people have no fucking clue what they’re talking about, or who they’re talking to about it. 

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Francis and Sarah know the extent of my recent kitten-want.







Castiel - Quick practice on Painter 12

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Holding hands, Hook-style.

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This is Hook spotting Emma and you cannot convince me otherwise. 

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dani2theela said: I can create something too :)

nicowantsthediangelo answered: i can make her some if she has a character or something in mind

truestargoddess answered: sheppard-daily.livejour…

elephantsandafox, ask and you shall receive!

elephantsandafox wants to know where she can find Sheppard/Stargate icons. Does anybody know?